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Where We Begin!

2015 was a big year for me, I had spend most of my time in the setup of my own Brand. From sourcing of vendor and supplier to marketing and involve in advertising. The Goal for me is to ensure that we can provide high quality product and services to all our clients .

In the process, I do face a lot of challenge, but fortunately I manage to gather all the vendor and supplier that meet our standard, thanks to the help of all my friends.

After Month of preparation finally Steven Yam Photography by Knotty Studio is ready to serve our client. At Steven Yam Photography we love to meeting new people. I realize each people i met during my journey is unique and have their own stories.

I fall in love with documenting Love. For me, Love is a Feeling, an Emotion, a way of Living ,and a way to Express yourself. I want my clients to enjoy their moments with each other, and have fun during the shooting session. "Just be yourself" is what i always tell my clients. The true emotion from a freedom soul will turn out to be the most beautiful pieces of art that last eternally.

My style of photography can be best describe with Emotive, Joyful and Lifestyle.

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