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Pre-Wedding / Engagement

Ken & Loan Pre Wedding -0008.jpg

“Capturing the true essence of raw emotions prior to the wedding is the best way to keep your love fresh forever.”


Pre-wedding photo shoots are the hottest trend among the love birds. Looking for Pre-wedding photographer? Contact us, for getting the best pre wedding photoshoot experience ever.


KY & YS (Elite)-0071.jpg

At Steven Yam Photography, we are offering various type of pre wedding portraits photography services in Penang. We are locally grown “Penang Kia” so we know our cities from bottom up. We are capable to customize your pre wedding experience according to the element you like to have it, and we are capable to take you around to discover hidden gems and experience the local culture as you never try it before.


At Steven Yam Photography, We would like to play cupid and create the most amazing love chemistry between the lovebirds and capture the raw sense of emotions in our pictures .We want you to be your true self, relax and enjoy our lovely cities with your loved ones while we are documenting your love.


Although we are based in Penang, We also offer our services in difference locations in Malaysia and various overseas destinations. Just drop us a email and tell us where you would like your love stories begin . We will try our best to be there and crafted the unique pre wedding and engagement photos that tells your own stories.

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