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“Photography is a way of Feeling, of Touching, of Loving, What you had caught on a film is captured forever. It remember all the little thing in your life, Long before you have forgotten everything.”


Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair and It is a dreams to be true for every girls. You deserves the best to preserve the best moments in your life. We, at Steven Yam Photography, are always at your service. We are reckoned as one of the best wedding photographer in Penang. We have the most amazing team that helps you crafted your wedding memories behind the screen and help you relive them again and again.


Our expert team are formed by professional wedding photographers who have years of experience in crafting amazing pictures for couples on their most special day. We incorporate our years of experience to capture the true emotion and beautiful candid photos during your wedding day.





Han & Jin Chee AWD _ SDE-0016.jpg

We fuse together creativity and innovation to come up with the most beautiful pictures for your special day. We offer the highest quality work in wedding photography and ensure that your wedding album reflects all the emotions in their purest form. The pictures captured by us at your wedding can be preserved for a lifetime as we print our albums on specialize imported quality Premium photo paper with the utmost craftsmanship to stay intact for generations to come.

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