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My Journey to MPA

I know The Master Photographer Association, UK. is from a sharing session through a friend of mine, #MasterPhotographersAssociation (#MPA) is a qualifying body for professional photographers. A not-for-profit organisation, committed to working with the photographic trade to raise the standards in professional photography using an industry recognized three tier qualification system.

After his sharing session, suddenly i had a thought came in to my mind, i would like to give myself a chance to find out whether my artwork is up to the industry professional standard. I ask him to be my mentor.

After 3 full month of preparation, in mid of April, i finally submitted my panel for qualification. It was a mixture of feeling that strike me. I'm stress, I'm excited, I'm worry etc.... but unfortunately i didn't make it for my 1st attempt. The head judge had assign one of their fellow judge Mr. Jonathan to help me analyse all my work one by one. Thanks for all the advise Mr Jonathan.

Failing the judging dose make me feel sad, but getting the valuable experience sharing from the panel of judge, had help me to understand my weakness, so i decided to work hard and start all over again from where i fall.

I keep working hard to improve my weakness, in the November of the same year, i finally complete my panel for the 2nd times. i had withdraw 60% of the photo from my previous panel and replace it with my recent work. This time, i flew to Johor to participate for the grading process.

Thanks God All my hard work paid off .... This time i had made it !!! LMPA

This was a small step in my career, there are still more to come.......

Special thanks to all my friends and mentor for giving me advice, teaching me the skill that able to improve my work. Thanks to all my clients that have their trust in me. Thanks to all the judge that share their valuable experience with me.

Photography is a never ending learning curve for me, I will keep learning and improve my skill. So stay tune for more beautiful artwork to come in near future.

Steven Yam


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